Ranking Structure

  • As Bannerlord is new to all of us, we're unaware of the implementation of a name changing system in-game. If name changing is implemented into Bannerlord or future modules, these will be the ranks you will see beside each member's name. If not however, you will find these ranks assigned both on the site and the Teamspeak:


    Emperor- (SPQR_Emperor_Aurelian)

    Legatus - (SPQR_Legatus_Name)

    Tribunus - (SPQR_Tribunus_Name)

    Praetor - (SPQR_Praetor_Name)

    Dux - (SPQR_Dux_Name)

    Praefectus - (SPQR_Prae_Name)

    Centurion - (SPQR_Centurion_Name)


    Tesserarius - (SPQR_Tess_Name)

    Sesquipliarius - (SPQR_Sesq_Name)

    Duplicarius - (SPQR_Duplica_Name)

    Decanus - (SPQR_Dec_Name)


    Discens - (SPQR_Disc_Name)

    Miles - (SPQR_Miles_Name)

    Tiro - (SPQR_Tiro_Name)




    Optio - (SPQR_Optio_Name)

    Equites - (SPQR_Equites_Name)

    ____________ Special ____________

    Signifer - (SPQR_Signifer_Name)

    Praetorian - (SPQR_Praetor_Name)

    Aquilifer - (SPQR_Aquilifer_Name)

    Vexillarius - (SPQR_Vexillarius_Name)