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    In-Game Name:


    Current age:


    Current residence:


    Do you have Discord and a working microphone:

    Mic yes, Discrod I'd need to download

    Steam Link:

    Relevant experience (Clans, Ranks etc):

    I started my adventure with MP sometime in 2012 and been playing The Deluge, Native, NW, cRPG and PW with various groups and clans( I can't recall all of them, they were mostly polish when it came to Native and Deluge).

    Reason for applying:

    My main reason is just to have fun when playing with other ppl considering the importance of communication when it comes to the skirmish mode.

    Do you know anybody in the clan who can vouch for you?:

    Idk, I've chatted a little with one of your member Temest while playing on a TDM server.

    Do you accept the code of conduct?: